Dr Ros Vesey

Chartered Counselling Psychologist, CPsychol, BSc (Hons), MSc (Hons)

Therapies offered

Ros’s approach is called integrative and pluralistic which means that she draws on different evidence-based psychological theories and encourages a therapeutic relationship based on authenticity, warmth and collaboration.

Typically, Ros may adopt principles from any of the following interventions: – cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness-based interventions, compassion-focussed therapy (CFT), and person-centred therapy. For trauma-focussed work she often draws on Eye Movement Desensitisation therapy (EMDR).

About Ros 

Ros works with adult clients. She has a high standard of psychological knowledge and expertise which allows her to personalise the therapy according to each client’s needs.

Ros listens to you deeply and you will have the opportunity to explore, reflect, express and understand yourself alongside her professional support. She provides you with the compassion, skills and knowledge you may need to relieve uncomfortable feelings and resolve psychological issues and/or traumas. This process allows you to gain insight about yourself, increase self-acceptance, feel more in control of your responses to life, learn new ways of coping and move forward with greater peace.

​ You are welcome to a free 15-minute consultation by phone or zoom if you have any questions or to check if she is the right person for you.


Ros has had the privilege in the last 28 years to devoting her working life to helping people enhance their emotional and physical well-being. She has worked in a variety of settings including NHS Community Mental Health, NHS Primary care, University, School, charities and private practice.

Ros specialises in anxiety (general, social, health, panic attacks, performance), difficult early life experiences, relationships issues, trauma, self-esteem, work stress, low mood and adjusting to life changes.


Professional and academic qualifications

  •  Doctorate in Counselling Psychology
  • EMDR Part 1,2,3 & 4
  • MSc in Counselling Psychology
  • Hons Degree in Psychology and Education
  • Degree in Nutritional Medicine
  • Licentiate Acupuncture


  • Chartered with BPS
  • Registered with HCPC
  • Enhanced DBS